What Is A Pantser In Writing

From Pantser to Planner: What Is a Pantser in Writing?

Have you ever heard of a pantser in writing? It is a term used to describe the kind of writer who approaches their work without any prior planning or outlining. In contrast with the “planner” (a writer who plans and outlines every step of their writing process), the pantser dives right in and lets their imagination guide them as they go. For many writers, this approach can be incredibly rewarding – but what exactly is a pantser, and how can it help your writing?

What Is A Pantser in Writing?

A “pantser” is someone who writes “by the seat of their pants”. They don’t plan or outline what they are going to write before they start. Instead, they just dive straight into their work, allowing inspiration to lead them along as they go. This means that each new sentence that they write leads to another one, and then another one after that until an entire story has been written.

The Benefits Of Being A Pantser

One of the major benefits of being a pantser is that it allows for more creative freedom than traditional planning does. By not having to worry about rules and structure ahead of time, the writer can let their imagination take control and explore new ideas without worrying about whether or not it fits into their pre-planned narrative arc. This kind of creative exploration can lead to some truly interesting stories that might not have been possible if the writer had been too focused on following a predetermined plan.

Another benefit is that it encourages spontaneity and experimentation – something that can be difficult for writers who are overly focused on sticking to an outline or plan. Pantsers have the freedom to try out different ideas without worrying about whether it will fit into their overall structure; this kind of experimentative writing often leads to some truly unique results!

As with any type of writing, there are pros and cons to being a pantser. The freedom afforded by this approach can be incredibly rewarding – but it also requires a certain level of trust in yourself as a writer. If you find yourself constantly second-guessing your decisions while writing, then being a pantser may not be right for you; however, if you like taking risks and exploring new ideas without having to worry about planning ahead then being a “pantser” may just be perfect for you! Regardless of which approach you choose, remember that both planners and pantsers alike have valuable things to bring to the table when it comes to writing great stories!

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