Ready Captain?

The captain of a ship knows that he can only arrive at one port at a time.  He knows that it is impossible to arrive at two.

Do you know that?

He also knows that his destination will be invisible for fully 99% of his voyage, but he knows its there and he will reach it baring an unforeseen catastrophe if he just keeps doing certain things a certain way every day.

Can you do the same thing every day without seeing a clear end in sight?

One fine morning his destination will appear on the horizon, and he will sail into port, his voyage successfully completed.

Do you have the staying power to see something through even though you can’t see it?

When his business has been accomplished, he will then sail to another pre-determined port of call, and this will take him and his ship from one success to another for the rest of both of their lives.

Each port of call is a success, how many do you have?

By understanding that he can only reach one port at a time, the owner of a ship can, in the short space of a very few years, reach hundreds of ports successfully.  There will be problems and lots of them, but they will be solved, and the ship will steam its solitary course over the deep oceans of the world devoting its life to accomplishing it’s mission and contributing its share the welfare and economy of the world.

Follow this sensible and meaningful way of life and you will arrive at your port as well.

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